Midwest Trap House


Midwest Native clothing, Patrick McConaughey's up and coming streetwear company will be releasing their Midwest Trap House Collection on Friday, February 9th online only at Midwest-Native.com. The trap house collection is inspired by the fur trade that built the trade routes of the Midwest that still exist today.

"Growing up with a rather low family income we usually traveled and took day trips exploring the state and its free museums rather than extravagant vacations to the dells or up north to Door County. My mom, a small percentage Indian heritage, has always taken my sister and I to the Indian museums around the state. She has also volunteered in pioneer type festivals and so for me it was really cool to learn and appreciate the fur trade that really built the entire region of the great lakes. I wanted to honor the fur trade that was so prevalent at one time. Also the play on words was important for me, to tie in the trapping of today. Sometimes it's that grind, the everyday struggle, that's the trap. "

-Patrick McConaughey