The Beginning...

The Beginning...

At 19, the year was 2007. I had just moved to Colorado with my good friend Nead. We moved from Southeast Wisconsin, neither of us had ever been to the state when we drove out to sign the lease a month and a half before we made the move official. It was an adventure, the beginning of a coming of age story that wouldn't come full circle for many years. It was the beginning of learning that continues to this day. 

When I was in high school I was always designing t-shirts and had dreams of having a brand similar to a Fox Racing or Oakley. A mix or hybrid of the action sports world infused with a little MOP Ante Up style. My best friend used to race dirtbikes so I ran with the racing pallete I was given and made Pettit Racing Inc. I'll never forget I made these shirts that were heat transfer press metallic silver with green accents. I can't lie still one of the cleanest shirts I've made. That was the beginning of me believing maybe this could actually happen. 

My Aunt was the VP of some design company in Florida at the time, so I send her my shirts and tell her the concept I'm going for with the brand. She has a couple interns from the local college working at the firm so she has them make me up pages and pages of logos and business cards. Mind you I'm just turning 18 at this time, so I'm beyond excited when I get a few pages of ideas. We go back and forth but basically the design I wanted was the Jurassic Park JP logo that they used to put on the action figures back in early 90's. That logo infused with the P and a sharpness. Anyways we get this great design and she sends over a logo pack and I'm off and running. 

I never did make anymore shirts with Pettit Racing but that was the dream that started it all. You see back at 18 I still had a ton of personal growing to do to find my true self. That is where the Colorado move begins, but I never stopped thinking about designing since then, I never stopped designing. Somewhere in Colorado, a storage locker that we left has notebooks filled with designs and drawings of clothing. 

I never knew how to put my things into fruition. I didn't have any idea of what I had to do to get my own clothing out and sell. I hoped to run into someone that could guide me and show me the beginning steps. I did find that person in myself. There are no right ways to begin. Just get your ideas out there.

All the years in between I made different companies and filled notebooks with drawings and sketches of different articles of clothing. I found people that inspired me and found my lane of interest. The likes of RAC and John Geiger pushed me to follow my dreams. 

Looking back I am happy that everything worked out the way it has. I have met the right people at the right times to help me learn and grow.

For me to make my own clothes that is my only goal. I hope that others enjoy my style and can support but this adventure is for myself to do something that makes me happy. A job that I enjoy doing everyday.



Know Your Vision.


Thank You for supporting and following.



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