Me.Glad and The Dream continues to grow...

Me.Glad and The Dream continues to grow...

We moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to start school, work, and take an adventure. After a year and half it was time to head to the mountains. Andy and I packed up his Jeep, my car's engine had blown up the first time I attempted to make the trek, and we were off to Summit County. 

We didn't have a house when we made the move, we had interviews for jobs to be lift operators at Breckenridge. I mean we were pretty sure we had the jobs, its not rocket science, but still no place to crash. We had met some guy through a facebook post that let us crash on his floor for the first night, he wasn't the most normal dude in the world so we decided one night was enough. 

For the next two weeks we found a routine that fit us. 

From 3-6 was happy hour at Breckenridge Brewery, we got off work at 4, with employee discount it was $5 pitchers of some Christmas ale that was high alcohol percentage. We would drink 3 to 4 pitchers between the both of us, Drive the ten minutes to Silverthorne Walmart parking lot where we would sleep for the night in the jeep. We always parked where we could see the sign that said the temp, average of about 4 degrees a night.

Andy and I would take turns deep sleeping, you would get one hour, then the next you were on heater duty. Which usually was 20 minutes let the car warm up, twenty car off or until too cold, then car back on to keep warm. We ended up in employee housing after those first couple cold weeks sleeping in a Jeep, in the Rocky Mountains, in December. 

The skate and snowboard culture was fully present in Breck. It was the first time I ever melt immersed with people of that similar mindset. The DEW Tour was making its first appearance that year so we got to enjoy all the other concerts and parties that went along with it. 

I worked the Gondola as one of my lift assignments and we would always find different articles of clothing or equipment that people would drop or leave after the 14 minute trip down to the base in town. I found these green see-through framed frog-skin type sun glasses. The lenses were metallic blue and purple and they had a small logo on the lens.

ME.GLAD turns out was a local skate/ snow lifestyle brand derived right from Breckenridge itself. I found them at a few shops around town. They were a couple of friends making clothing, the same thing I wanted. 

That season was ten years ago now that I think about it. Ill be 31 in two weeks and I turned 21 that year. 

I tried to look them up now and thank them for being the beginning for me, I believe they disbanded in 2015 from my findings sadly. 

I will happily carry the torch for them. 

I feel like at the end of the day we had the same dreams.

Snowboard with your friends, make clothing, and enjoy life. 


-Patrick The Native

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