A year and some change later.... Growing

A year and some change later.... Growing

I think growth is the most important thing for us as humans. We must move forward and learn. Take in as much knowledge as possible. I've taken some time to sit back and grow. My one year anniversary of Midwest Native came and past. I haven't released anything since the Trap House, that also happens to be the last time I was home in Wisconsin. 

It's not for lack of wanting to release things. Things have fallen apart or grown into bigger than initially conceived ideas. The main goal for me is to create. No matter the medium, just be able to be free to create. With knowledge comes more freedom. I have stashed away my yearly Brewers inspired release and put it off until next season, it will be better.

I've been sitting at my desk every day after work for hours working on anything new that I can. I started a new brand, Dapper Bear Co, with my homie Drae. We launched some beard oils and clothing, I can't lie its taking off faster than I ever expected. Good problems to have. 

Back to the creating, I am also part of a group called HOUNDS USA in Pittsbugh, a creative collective of a few really amazing people that are way more talented than I could hope to be. HOUNDS, by the direction of the McCloskey twins, is exactly what I needed to push me forward creatively. 

I have a ton of designs and different ideas planned for this fall. Everything will be laid out very soon in detail, even the elusive Richie Rukkus X MWN Collaboration. 

To kick off the fall, here is a preview of the NATV War Plane Collection with a hat release. 


I appreciate all the love from everyone and I hope you enjoy, I'm just trying to get better every day. 



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